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June 11 2015


I love the sims because I love architecture, interior design, and playing god

June 08 2015

here’s some truths





  • most princesses, the stereotypical “olde timey” kind, had armpit hair
  • they also had leg hair
  • and hair everywhere
  • and so did other women of the time
  • because that’s how life was
  • and people still fucking treasured them
  • so there

Yeah, before WW1, all women had armpit hair. It was normal. Until razor companies decided to market towards women because their male customers had died during the war.

this….. this is off. All through history body hair has been subject to all sorts of trends, be it very hairy or dry-bone-smooth. 

ancient Roman women were known for scrubbing off leg hair with pumice stone. ancient Egyptian noble ladies were known to shave it all off, from scalp to toe. hairlessness was considered a healthy choice in acient india. Fancy dame’s of shakespeare’s era had full bushes down below but were known to pluck their brows and their over pluck their hairline so they had tall foreheads (well five or sixheads) while sex workers of the time shaved their whoo-has and under arms to protect from lice and then sported merkins. when colonists landed in america, native women were shaving with sea shells while pilgrim ladies were fuzzy and considered removal of hair sinful and vain. hairy noble ladies were a comon theme in 16th and 17th century japanese erotic paintings. Victorian era pornography was ripe with hairy ladies.

my point is removing or not removing body hair of any kind is just a choice and often just part of fashion. Do it or don’t because in 100 years having wooly armpits, bald heads, and eyebrow wigs might be chic for ladies.

And now I know I would read a book about hair removal through the ages, cos those facts are fascinating.

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June 07 2015


what am i supposed to talk about with people who dont watch tv shows

Getting By Without Friends


1. See it as something that is temporary. Even though it hurts now, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent. You’ll find other people who will treat you well – so be gentle on yourself and recognise that it will pass.
2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself. Also, find different interests you can do on your own – and maybe try something different you’ve never tried before.
3. Spend time looking after animal. Pets are accepting, reliable and loyal. They’ll never hurt your feelings – and are good company.
4. Treat other people you meet really well (talk to people at the checkout, or smile at those you meet). That will likely result in a warm, friendly response – and will remind you that others still appreciate you.
5. Hang out with those who like the same things as you. If you’ve taken up a hobby or you like watching sport, speak to people you meet at these events. Even though you don’t know them, they are still good company.
6. Don’t let this bad experience hold you back. Keep reaching out to others, have the courage to take risks and eventually you’ll find someone who will be a loyal friend – someone that you like and who will treat you well.

June 06 2015

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Stefan ist so aufgebracht, dass er sich auf den paar Metern zu Karin erstmal das Hemd aufmacht. Wie ein echter Kerl eben.

Ich glaub Stefan wollte sich eigentlich an die anderen Kerle ranmachen, aber die wollen ihnja aus Prinzip schon nicht anfassen :(

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I can’t remember if I’ve already reblogged this, but this is important.

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June 04 2015

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my dad sent these to me and said, “Look at our chalkboard in the break room!” 

how in the fuck


Where the hell does your dad work??


what do you mean you don’t like harry potter
are you feeling well
do you need to sit down

June 01 2015


Never apologize for your giant dogs getting overexcited, if I get taken down by a 100 pound mass of fluff then that’s how I go.

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When You Add “-ing” to Movie Titles (images via imgur)

Previously: Classic Movie Quotes Updated for the Digital Age

May 30 2015


In Germany we don’t say “I love you”, we say “Woischd Kahrle, du solldschd a mal a Seidebacher Müüüsli ässe, a Seidebacher Müüüsli jooo, na hädschd auch ned immer die Probleme mit deine Verdauung, edsch probiers hald. Woischd des isch gud, des dud a dir guud. Seitebacher Müüüsli, woischt des isch des Müüüsli von dem Seidebacher.” and I think that’s beautiful <3

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i remember way too many small details about people so i have to act dumb sometimes so i don’t freak them out

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May 29 2015

May 27 2015



German Horror Story: Bundesjugendspiele


oh gott ja




“We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity”

Um ok but I don’t recall my virginity having 16 GB of memory with all my contacts, music, photos, calendars, and apps or costing over $200.

my phone is an expensive and important material object and not a useless social construct put in place to shame and commodify women

Plus I remember where I lost my virginity.

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Somehow I don’t think the card one is true, I mean, there are just so many times that people are shuffling decks that it is likely that each combination has been reached at least once. 

Well, there’s 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (67 zeros) ways to arrange a deck. There are more ways to arrange a deck of cards than atoms on the Earth. #funfact

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