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here’s some truths





  • most princesses, the stereotypical “olde timey” kind, had armpit hair
  • they also had leg hair
  • and hair everywhere
  • and so did other women of the time
  • because that’s how life was
  • and people still fucking treasured them
  • so there

Yeah, before WW1, all women had armpit hair. It was normal. Until razor companies decided to market towards women because their male customers had died during the war.

this….. this is off. All through history body hair has been subject to all sorts of trends, be it very hairy or dry-bone-smooth. 

ancient Roman women were known for scrubbing off leg hair with pumice stone. ancient Egyptian noble ladies were known to shave it all off, from scalp to toe. hairlessness was considered a healthy choice in acient india. Fancy dame’s of shakespeare’s era had full bushes down below but were known to pluck their brows and their over pluck their hairline so they had tall foreheads (well five or sixheads) while sex workers of the time shaved their whoo-has and under arms to protect from lice and then sported merkins. when colonists landed in america, native women were shaving with sea shells while pilgrim ladies were fuzzy and considered removal of hair sinful and vain. hairy noble ladies were a comon theme in 16th and 17th century japanese erotic paintings. Victorian era pornography was ripe with hairy ladies.

my point is removing or not removing body hair of any kind is just a choice and often just part of fashion. Do it or don’t because in 100 years having wooly armpits, bald heads, and eyebrow wigs might be chic for ladies.

And now I know I would read a book about hair removal through the ages, cos those facts are fascinating.

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