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I’m sick of people calling me ‘homophobic’. For starters - Yes, I don’t agree with gay marriage because I follow the principles from the Bible and the Bible describes it as ‘sexually immoral’ I am Christian therefore I don’t agree with it but this does not mean I’m homophobic. The definition of ‘homophobic’ is “To hate or prejudice homosexual people.” And to get this straight I DO NOT HATE OR PREJUDICE THEM, if they want to be gay then it’s their choice, not mine and I don’t hate them at all,, I’m actually friends with a few bisexuals. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you don’t like the person who does it, for example I don’t like smoking, this does not mean I don’t like family and friends who smoke. Just had to clear that up because people have been calling me disgusting and obnoxious, ignorant and vile, then they have started mocking my beliefs.

“They shouldn’t be able to have the same legal rights as me because my personal religion neither they nor anybody else have the obligation to share says they shouldn’t. But I’m not prejudiced or ignorant.”

Boy, do I have news for you.

#homophobia #because that’s what it is#also the fact alone that you think it’s a choice #is ridiculous

well, what the Bible calls immoral is the action of sodomy, which is a choice. like, nobody forces me to actually take it up the ass or masturbate thinking of taking it up the ass even more. but reactionaries don’t tend to think of sexuality beyond actions and “dispositions”, even if they use the orientational terms to mingle with liberal discourse. 

gay love is a perversion of god’s will. lesbianism is mostly unimportant to a lot of people because there the actions aren’t “real” sex and the attraction is reinterpreted as loneliness or the like. so the choice is to have anal sex, which is a good thing in general, but whatever. in so much as orientations are inherent traits but dispositions are cultivated through habit and discipline, a “gay behavior” is still going to reflect a gay’s person moral failure.

(i guess it’s possible to believe in orientations and still call gay people inherently immoral, but the dissonance and dogmatism must be stronger, especially if one is claiming to “respect them as people”)

in some countries with similar Abrahamic theocratic conceptions, like Morocco, gay sex takes a fine but being gay doesn’t (and is often denied or reinterpreted as subpar sex that men have as a substitute, like bestiality). however in practice, Christianity has conversion therapy to “help” gay children make the “right choices” by torturing them, and Islam is as we speak enacting a genocide on us stemming from a similar set of cultural beliefs, so… i don’t care about books as much, i care about social facts. your religions are awful and the world will be a better place when they’re mythologies and just a bad memory.

mocking and shaming religious beliefs is a good thing. there’s no such thing as “repecting” a belief by “honoring” it, that’s entitlement. i don’t mean a personal attack, ofc, i mean that blasphemy is the sign of a secularized, healthy culture in which people like this’s worldview cannot be enforced at the cost of other innocent people’s suffering. and that’s because they can be criticized and shamed freely. your beliefs are shitty; face the backlash.

the only reason abrahamic homophobia exists in h. sapiens is because superstitious neolithic shepherds without condoms or penicillin became over-enthused with the fact that sex-negative societies died less of STDs in those circumstances, which was a big deal, and thus had an advantage spreading their own mystified ideas through religion. your belief system is now obsolete and harmful, and we know better so we do better.

please OP, use more than one book and get better ethics. stop this obsession with sex. and if you ever have a gay child, your god would have already failed them, not because of what they did, but because you’d tolerate abuse and injustice against them in the name of a few people’s delusion. shame on you.

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