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Small dick, big dick, skinny dick, thick dick, plastic dick. If you like him you'll like whatever dick he pulls out

















Lmfao this is a joke right? His dick better be huge cause I will laugh if he can’t even hit the core.

No. I’m being deadass.

Lmao but men are supposed to love a woman regardless of how her pussy or tits or ass looks?

Ohhhh the contradiction

^^^^ one of those infamous double standards

Saying small dicks matter is like saying all lives matter. Tf they don’t 🙄

Shut up, please. Get off my post being negative. Niggas can’t choose their dick size. You saying small dicks don’t matter is like a dude saying fat girls don’t matter 🙂🙃that’s why ya close minded dumb ass probably single rn


This is such a lie

@swallowthatshit what is ?

This is wild I was deadass insecure about my dick for the longest. Because my shit isn’t 11+ inches and thought that’s what I had to be to please a female properly. Then when I actually started having sex I realized you don’t need nor do most women want anything that big anyway. And realize I had the perfect size not to small and not to big. But if you choose a nigga based on the size of his dick I feel no empathy for you when people shame you for your physical imperfections.


Every woman on this post saying they want a big dick dude is an immature little child who probably has never had good sex in her life. If you cum from getting fingered, ya 5-7 inch dick will be JUST FINE and get the job done. I’ve had 10 inches of no orgasm before. Just because a dude has a big dick doesn’t mean the sex won’t be wack as hell. It’s all about hitting them spots and the stroke, and a nigga only needs like 4 inches to do that (less if we’re being very honest because like I said, a good fingering can make you cum)

Stop believing these wack ass porn videos and grow up.

Fellas, if she/he don’t appreciate your dick, walk away. They don’t deserve that dick. Hit my inbox. I’ll appreciate that dick Boo 😏😌

A wholesome post 🙂

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