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People who changed their behaviour as a direct result of Lily Evans

  • Severus Snape

People changed their behaviour because they felt the impact of the oncoming war, the responsibilities on their shoulders and wanted to grow up so they could fight for a greater cause

  • James Potter

this is wrong in smaller degrees that build up to a great big nope

  • james still hexed ppl behind lily’s back, despite his new commitment to maturity
  • snape was literally already pulling away from lily and vice versa as part of his character arc for reasons not at all affected by lily’s presence or lack thereof; saying his behavior never changed before he decided to fight for the light kind of ignores his movement in the opposite direction
  • the above had less to do with lily and everything to do with james/the marauders/death eater influences/shitty personal life and childhood
  • and also can we please talk about how dumbledore affected snape’s behavior bc it wasn’t so much snape saying “imma do this for lily” but more dumbledore telling him “you’re scum and you should repent by doing this for lily” when snape was first desperate for help and then desperate for a reason to live
  • like snape changed his behavior more as a direct result of albus dumbledore than lily evans tbph bc snape said “help her” and dumbledore said “pay me”
  • and like let’s be real nothing in james’ later life was totally unlike his earlier life, it wasn’t a complete 180 bc it honestly didn’t have to be for him to fulfill his role/arc
  • not that the above it wrong but like james and snape soooooo did not start from the same place, their situations/development arcs aren’t really comparable
  • like snape was a bully bc he was a product of multiple abuses with no support network and a plethora of people with agendas who fed off of his insecurities; meanwhile james was a bully bc he was a popular, rich piece of snot with asshole/enabler friends and mentors that eventually supported his maturity as part of their definition of heroism

tl;dr this post is so oversimplified it’s mildly annoying, like what is even the point of comparing these characters that were set up to be foils of each other. if you wanna be snazzy and critical, compare snape and sirius black; their stories play off of each other much better. 

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