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do u ever just look at a straight couple and think…. that poor woman

Do you ever look at tumblr and think…humanity was a failed experiment.

I keep saying ‘there is no NO WAY for this place to make me roll my eyes even further into my skull than I already do’… and then, every time, the universe sees fit to prove me wrong. Spectacularly so.

Let me make something plenty clear. Thinking like the above is precisely what leads to teeth-grinding nonsense like stripping women of our fucking agency if we’re into any sexual practices that ever involve pain or submission or restraints or humiliation or role-playing large power differences (‘those poor women brainwashed by men into thinking they enjoy degrading sex’, with ‘women’ often written as ‘straight women’, to make the bullshit above more palatable to this place, as if kinky-as-fuck queer relationships don’t exist). Or to marginalising bi/pan women, with the excuse that our problems stem from being 'sexually available to men’ and we thus cause our own low quality of life, supposedly. Or transmitting an extremely nasty message to all men attracted to women, regardless of personal behaviour and attitudes, sexual orientation or gender identity: 'it is inevitable that you will be an abusive partner and people will have cause to feel sorry for your female-identified partner.’ FUCK THAT.

All of this without even pointing out that said 'straight couple’ could be a trans man and a trans woman, or a couple where one or both partners are bi/pan/ace/aro etc etc, given that Tumblr is so fond of snap, surface-level judgements and all the crap that accompanies them.

On a personal level, I have a huge problem in particular with women getting treated universally like presumed victims and our relationships and entire perception of such being shat on and invalidated by dipshits who embraced radfem ideas in Baby’s First Activist Movement.

That and, in addition to not particularly helping women, misandry is fucked up. Like it’s bad in se. Ugh.

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