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stuff that happened in german history on the 9th of november


there’s quite a lot actually that happened today:

  • Nov 9, 1313: Battle of Gammelsdorf - Louis IV defeats his cousin Frederick the Fair
  • Nov 9, 1848: execution of Robert Blum (a german politician) - it’s said to mark the beginning of the end of the March Revolution in 1848/49
  • Nov 9, 1914: Sinking of the SMS Emden
  • Nov 9, 1918: German Revolution [1918/19] in Berlin
  • Nov 9, 1923: Munich Putsch
  • Nov 9, 1925: Hitler imposes the formation of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
  • Nov 9, 1936: National Socialists remove the memorial of composer Felix Mendelssohn  Bartholdy  
  • Nov 9, 1938: Pogrom Night
  • Nov 9, 1939: Abduction of two british officiers from the Secret Intelligence Service by the SS in Venio, Netherlands
  • Nov 9, 1948: Berlin Blockade - mayor Ernst Reuter delivers a speech
  • Nov 9, 1955: Federal Contitutional Court decision: all Austrians who have acquired german citizenship through annexation in 1938, automatically lost it after Austria became sovereign again
  • Nov 9, 1967: Students show a banner (”Unter den Talaren – Muff von 1000 Jahren”) and it becomes one of the main symbols of the Movement of 1968 (the German Student  Movement)
  • Nov 9, 1969: the radical left-winged organization “Tupamaros West-Berlin” hides a bomb in the jewish community house in Berlin. It never exploded though.
  • Nov 9, 1974: RAF-member Holger Meins dies after 58 days of hunger striking
  • Nov 9, 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall

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