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In Germany we don’t say “I don’t care” we say “Das ist mir Wurst” which roughly translates as “This is sausage to me” I think that’s beautiful.

no you don’t understand we actually do say that

i crashed my car into a bridge


We also say “That’s not my beer” for “That’s none of my buisness” and I think that’s beautiful

is germany even real

My roommate dated a German.  When I was making dinner one night, he asked my roommate, “this food… does it taste?”

At our confusion, he explained that in Germany, food either “tastes” or “does not taste”.  Which he then said he supposed said something about German food.

To be fair we do say “it tastes good” and “it tastes bad” and many variations thereof, but when we want to be succinct, then yes, it just tastes or doesn’t taste. 

Other fun turns of phrase in German include:

  • “Ich versteh’ nur Bahnhof” = “I only understand train station” for when you’re confused
  • “Hast du Tomaten auf den Augen?” = “Have you got tomatoes on your eyes?” for when someone’s not seeing the obvious
  • “Auf die Schippe nehmen” = “Take someone on a shovel”, basically means to take the piss out of someone
  • “Du gehst mir auf den Sack” = “You’re walking on my sack” for when you’re pissed off

the world is beautiful

also there’s  two more variations of “Du gehst mir auf den Sack.” (btw by sack we mean testicle. yeah.)

  1. “Du gehst mir auf den Senkel.” = “You’re walking on my shoelace(s).”
  2. “Du gehst mir auf den Keks.” = “You’re walking on my cookie.”

ALSO WE HAVE THE WORD “DOCH” (basically means yes, but in response to someone saying no) AND IT IS A FUCKING TRAGEDY THAT THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE HAS NO EQUIVALENT

I MISS ‘DOCH’ SO MUCH you basically have to settle for “does so” or “yes it does” or something not half as succintly defiant

I also miss “aneinander vorbei reden” = “to talk past each other”, meaning when people are completely missing each other’s points / talking about two different things. It’s such nice imagery.

And we call stupid people “Hans Wurst” = “Hans Sausage” (no matter if you are boy or a girl)

Yeah, if we are surprised we say “Holla die Waldfee” = “Holla the forest fairy”

Seriously though, how do children grow up without “doch” und “trotzdem”?

Holy mackerel I love this soooo!!

Ende, Gelände! (literally: End, terrain) — That’s it! End of discussion!

There is another interesting expression for “i don’t care”

“Das geht mir am Arsch vorbei.” = “This passes by my ass.”

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