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August 29 2015

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Yes kids, it’s easy.

yeah but just imagine an imp or lesser demon who takes pity on a young girl whose life was totally fucked over by overzealous parents, and who was alone because nobody wanted to befriend her.

imagine the demon seeing her crying alone while he’s possessing, like, a neighbor or something, and shambling up in the stiffly-working meat suit and sitting down and asking her what’s wrong. Imagine the little girl being afraid for a moment because people don’t usually walk like that, or talk to her, or ask her what’s wrong, before she just unleashes and lets the floodgates open. The demon is so stricken with grief for this little girl that once he gets over with his possession, he goes in his true form to her and plays whatever game she wants him to play.

Imagine that she’s finally happy and that the demon must go and so while she’s bidding a tearful farewell, the demon teaches her to summon him.

Imagine a little girl with her best friend, the lesser demon.

August 28 2015



God help Hernando the morning Lito finds his first grey hair.

#the shadow of death has taken me under its raven wing hernando

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i don’t get it but i don’t care

August 27 2015

Apparently J.K Rowling knows the exact process to making a horcrux.






But she hasn’t told anyone and doesn’t plan to yet.

The only person that she has told is her editor, and said that her editor felt like vomiting afterwards.

All she will say is that a certain spell is involved, and then a horrific act is performed.


i want to know what it is so badly

Okay, let’s think about this for a second.

We know that making Horcruxes involves murder. It’s essential. So the “certain spell” is probably Avada Kedavra….with some extra words added to it to use the energy created by the death to split the soul. 

What intrigues me is the “horrific act” aspect and the fact that the editor wanted to vomit after hearing it. So what could that be? It can’t just be the act of murder itself, which, as horrifying as that is, is exactly vomit inducing in the grand scheme of things. 

So if we take the murder itself out of the equation, what other activity could be considered horrific enough to make someone want to ralph? Well, my warped mind can think of at least two. 

1) Necrophilia. Now I don’t actually think this is the answer, but it’s gross enough to make anyone vomit on the spot, so I’m throwing it out there. I just don’t think that’s it at all. My personal theory is…

2) Cannibalism. There are a lot of cultures that believe that to eat the flesh of one’s enemies is take your enemies’ power into yourself. Most specifically the heart, though really any flesh or organs would do. So does Voldemort eat the dead as his “horrific act”? I think this one is the most likely and is grotesque and taboo enough that it turns the stomach.

Also, consider this fact: HIS FOLLOWERS ARE CALLED DEATH EATERS.  Hmmm. Weird, right? 

There’s an obvious problem in these theories though. If either these acts is essential to creating the Horcrux, HOW DID VOLDEMORT ACCIDENTALLY CREATE A HORCRUX WHEN HE TRIED TO KILL HARRY AS A BABY AND NOT KNOW IT? Voldemort didn’t have time to cannibalize Lily. And he certainly didn’t sexually assault her corpse, thank GOD. So how did he turned Harry into a Horcrux that night in Godric’s Hollow?

Consider this: nowhere in the text does it say that Voldemort’s physical body was found in the wreckage of the Potter’s house. Perhaps when the spell rebounded on him….he…ate himself. Not physically chewed himself up and swallowed, but more in a magical way. Think of it like the house being sucked into the Other Side at the end of Poltergeist. 

His spirit was so corrupted that it devoured his physical body when the Killing Curse was turned back on him. That would be the cannibalistic act needed to create the Horcrux. And perhaps Voldemort wouldn’t realize that it was a cannibalistic act? He probably wouldn’t even think to consider the fact that his rotten, fractured soul ate his body.

So there’s my theory. What do you think?



I really feel like vomiting

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Survival Pods

Forget about duck and cover, if you truly want to make it through a major disaster the survival pods are your golden ticket. Safely shielded from any danger lurking outside, you’ll be able to gaze out through a reinforced window that lets you know when it’s safe to come out.


Check It Out

Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

August 26 2015



Be the villain you were born to be. Stop waiting for someone to come along and corrupt you. Succumb to the darkness yourself.

This is surprisingly motivating.

August 25 2015

— one word german horror story (via nqpoleon)

August 24 2015

I grasped two things: I wasn’t as happy as I could be, and my life wasn’t going to change unless I made it change.
— Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project  (via raysofthesun)
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August 23 2015









Enjoying some dark chocolate almond milk in my favorite cup before work


it’s the cutest cup :3

i see your cat cup and raise you a cat bowl


Your cat bowl has nothing on my

Measuring cups


u wanna go

have a taste of my cat teapot


Bro, get a look at my


Actual cat

Biatch please, I have a gang.


It’s like that Subway commercial where everyone loves Avocados



God help Hernando the morning Lito finds his first grey hair.

#the shadow of death has taken me under its raven wing hernando

Hogwarts WiFi Passwords


Let’s get real, it’s a school filled with wizards and controlled by wizarding adults. The Hogwarts Wifi password would be “password.” At best, it would be “hogwarts.”

But as for the individual houses…


Network Name: The Dungeons

Password: 6FBb9w52 [changed monthly to protect from potential leaks]


Network Name: The Best House Ever

Password: Gryffindor1 [was “Gryffindor” for 6 years straight, but they changed it after too many unwelcome visitors]


Network Name: Ravenclaw Tower Wifi

Password: fire [Prefects will only give the password in riddle form, it’s up to students to work out what the actual password is.The password is also changed frequently. In this case, the riddle is “Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What am I?”]


Network Name: PuffPuff

Password: Pass

August 22 2015


i love when math teachers put question marks on my tests cause i’m just like yeah same

August 21 2015








There is no biblical evidence that Jesus even knew how to parallel park. Letting him take the wheel seems a bit irresponsible.

Uh, no, you’re so wrong? Everybody knows that Jesus drove a Honda, but he didn’t like to talk about it?

From John 12:49 ‘For I do not speak of my own Accord…’

That is brilliant and this post is an example of the right way to do religious jokes are are actually funny without being preachy nor offensive. 

prosperosfootnotes, pieandhotdogs

Maybe Jesus didn’t like to talk about it because it wasn’t the same kind of car as his Dad’s.

Because as we all know, God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden in His Fury.

Nah, clearly God drives Dodge pickup trucks, because Moshe’s people are told not to approach the mountain “until the Ram’s horn sounds a long blast” -Exodus 19:13. 


August 20 2015

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August 18 2015

August 16 2015

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What a big heart I have-the better to love you with
Little Red Riding Hood
Even bad wolves can be good
I'll try to be satisfied just to walk close by your side

August 15 2015


Tonight its just going to be you, me…

…and John

August 14 2015





We blindfolded 15 homophobes and asked them to hit piñatas with a stick. The piñatas were actually deadly Asian giant hornet nests. What happens next will warm your heart.

This is disgusting bigotry against Christians at its finest.

I love the part where this post never mentioned Christians but you saw the word homophobe and jumped to your own defense anyways.

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A little story about my cat.

These were originally slightly animated gifs, but tumblr butchered the quality, so I can only present them to you as stills.

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