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March 07 2016

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I’ve got original work for sale over at Etsy


sheckitout <3

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If the person in the front was a guy no one would give a damn. #FreeTheNipple still has a lot to do


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“Imagine, Piccolo, of all people, protecting some kid…”

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Tag yourself, i’m smol

March 06 2016

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Jared Yamahata “Frida Katlo” is the perfect Sunday artwork to get you inspired by your cats. #catlady #unibrow #popart #home #homedecor #blue #frida #painting #art #artist #supportlocalartist #graphicdesign #instalove #follow

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Adrian Borda ~ “Love Slowly Kills”

March 05 2016

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From the 2 Broke Girls TV show

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Someday, Thomas Padalecki will find the fourth season of Supernatural on Netflix or something and it’ll just be like



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Supernatural sex scenes

  ↳ Sam and Ruby

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there's nothing in this world i wouldn't do
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THE BOYKING // Sam Winchester as the messiah of the lost, the damned and the broken.

Man's Best Friend With Benefits


Umm, so apparently people are pissed that Portia, a black woman, referred to James, a white man, as her Master in Supernatural episode 8x15 ??

I think that people need to understand that race was the LOWEST ranking concern in the relationship between James and Portia.

She was literally a dog.


Like, there were bigger issues in their relationship than race. In fact, as a familiar who was a magical creature, she probs doesn’t even care about race…like she just wants to chill.

If people are saying that Portia should’ve been white just to avoid the whole Master/slavery reference then just…no.
I’m glad that women of colour are landing roles on supernatural.
We had a latina woman last week, and a black woman this week. It’s been great.

Also, pretty sure Portia’s character identifies with dog first and woman second and then like…who even knows what else.

THAT BEING SAID, suppose she was just a human girl and he was a human guy. Are you all saying that interracial couples cannot have bdsm relationships where one person is a sub and the other is a dom? If so, then CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.

Race was the last thing I thought about when she said master, I was Dean, because I was literally thinking “ Is she a dog or….?”

People are so dramatic sometimes.
It was a great episode and there was nothing wrong with anything that happened.

Can’t wait for next week <3

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Kat Dennings

Play fullscreen


For my German followers, omg watch this guys, I’m crying over here …. :D

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Throwback: Verhaftet wegen sexy

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