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May 16 2017

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Reblog if you're bisexual, or if you support bisexuals, or if you want Queen Elizabeth II to outlive Donald Trump



it’s so frustrating when your fic ideas are bigger than your writing abilities 

even worse when your laziness is bigger than both your ideas and writing abilities





Can’t get upset about zero points if you never expected any in the first place

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2x01 | 2x10

somewhere in an alternate timeline there’s a version of me who makes good decisions regularly. good for them. fuck them, though

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I…. I’m not crying…. There’s just something in both my eyes…




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And here I am, just sitting here. Crying.

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me when i think i’ve made a funny post

my followers

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leave geminiphobia in 2016

With Trump/pence in office? I think the fuck not

neither are of this planet so their charts aren’t accurate

Y'all are literally represented by twins and we literally have two Geminis in the two highest official positions in this country and y'all still not claiming y'all own….

May 15 2017


Upside-down crosses







If there’s one thing I hate about horror movies, it’s the “demons will turn your crosses upside-down!” trope. 

Y’all know what I’m talking about:

Except apparently demons have the same understanding of how Christianity works as the author of My immortal, because guess what? Turning a cross upside-down is not blasphemy. 

It’s called a St. Peter’s cross, and it’s a symbol of Christian humility. That demon just made the room more Catholic.

Also, guess who else doesn’t have a problem with upside-down crosses?


My god it’s bad enough you get edgy teenagers wearing/drawing these things everywhere “in the name of Satanism”

This is one so frustrating.

Even Supernatural made this error despite how well researched it usually is with real-world religious and occult symbols. 

Yeah, this was a few months after the great fire of Rome in which Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for

When peter was sentenced to death, he asked to be crucified upside down because he believed that he was unworthy of dying in the same way Jesus did

Ever since, it’s been a symbol of humility. Yet somehow edgy internet atheists and satanists think it’s a demonic rune, I guess

I love explaining this to people and seeing the looks on their faces…

eeeeeh nope, nope, nope.

here’s the thing about symbolism, it’s not a monopoly and it varies with culture, religion and ideology. that’s like calling people stupid for shunning the swastika as a cool rebirth symbol because omg i read this holy factoid in the internet amirite those edgy teens. didn’t you know!!

neither hegemonic meaning nor counter-cultural ones are less “real”, it’s what it is. if someone wants to wear an inverted cross to represent their own beliefs, religious or ideological, and you pull this shit, you’re the one who’s being stupid, and not merely that. 

especially if you’re a christian, you need to take a seat, because you’re imposing a religious interpretation based on your own religious worldview, and unaware of how intolerant it is. the very idea that peter is to be *humored* as a symbol of humility, chauvinist, misogynistic and homophobic peter, because that’s anybody’s christian tradition, is laughable. and honestly i’d laugh if real christianity wasn’t such a horrible machine of on-going oppression whose metaphorical cross many of us who had the disgrace of being raised under it, will have to bear for many years or a lifetime. stop presenting christian beliefs and tales like they’re the ultimate truth about the universe and actual history and non-believers won’t have to call the bullshit out. 

i can’t even begin to express how repellent it is that christian mythology is presented as a “gotcha” against fucking satanism. a petrine cross is satanic because it’s an inversion of the cross, that’s pretty much what a symbol is, it is actually used in satanism, today. it represents the inversion of christian values, including humility. pride is a virtue in laveyan satanism. 

“edgy internet atheists”… okay? nothing to do with the atheistic movement. satanism is a genuine atheistic religion (”atheistic” here is a descriptor, just like buddhism is atheistic), imo with better values than any christian sect at that. it’s not cheesy horror films and moral panics, it’s something that’s out there, for whatever reason, and a philosophy that some people believe in. it’s quite illustrative of many things, like most anti-christian reactions in culture. they *create* and *resignify* ideas, i guess. i’m sure religious tolerance and respect only applies to christians and other virtue signalling modern religions in tumblr when it’s fashionable and that. how many people in this thread i wonder like to reblog wiccan or neopagan aesthetics and ask to “respect” native cultural beliefs they haven’t heard of in their life?

My mind when I’m having paranoid thoughts

bad Tumblr discourse: history edition





  • “Europeans chiseled the noses off of statues to hide their non-white features!”
  • what sexual orientation was Sappho (take a shot every time someone gets called something-phobic in the notes. chug every time someone actually is something-phobic in the notes. die of liver failure)
  • The Secret Pagan Origins of Every Christian Holiday Ever
  • if you like any historical aesthetic, it means you support the social mores of that time period and therefore you’re Problematic
  • Blatantly modern, made-up additions to classical mythology presented as historical myths

You forgot the holy grail of bad Tumblr history, so bad that the post is actually cited in a scholarly publication for its inaccuracy:

Also bad Tumblr history before there was even Tumblr:

Ancient humans were matriarchal until the big bad patriarchy took over (may or may not include the “humans used to be all-female and parthenogenic until the mutation that is men occurred” hypothesis)

ancient egyptians were black
the arabian colonizers of al-andalus were black

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Since my bloglayout sucks:

For everyone who asked for a “BIGGER SIZE”, there you go

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someone: *threatens Lito*

Wolfie, showing up out of nowhere like an angry vengeful German fairy: my time has come

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