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August 13 2017



August 12 2017







deadass saw someone saying calling snape “severus” is “romanticizing him” and im like … what fucking dimension are we even in 

Because nicknames as “Pads” and “Prongs” are definitely in no way romanticizing characters. No sir, that is completely a-okay.

But god have mercy if you call a character by their _legitimate_ first name.

If god damn “Moonpie” can call him Severus - then so can I.

‘Romanticising’. By calling somebody by their first name. Just wtf. This whole debate is the epitome of tumblr nonsense.

I s2g tumblr is slowly but surely managing to do what 12 years of Snape fandom in other places couldn’t accomplish before and turning me into something resembling a Snapewife far closer than I ever thought I’d feel comfortable with.



when ur eating food and your pet starts being nice



August 11 2017

control your own consumption of content



Sarah is allergic to strawberries. As soon as she puts them in her mouth, her face swells up and she gets hives. It’s non-life-threatening but uncomfortable for her.  

Sally is also allergic to strawberries, and has the same symptoms. 

Sarah informs her friends she is allergic to strawberries so they can stop using them in shared food. Some of them even stop eating strawberries too (or, at least, stop eating them around her), so she is more comfortable. Sarah researches places she can eat out that will take care with her allergy, and chooses restaurants who agree they can accommodate her, or who do not use strawberries in any of their cooking. 

Sally, on the other hand, goes into restaurants specifically advertising only strawberry desserts, orders a dessert, and makes a huge fuss when she gets sick. She takes to social media, the local newspapers, everywhere, to tell people how terrible this restaurant is for not specifically accommodating her personal allergy. She goes back frequently to insult and harass specific staff. Some staff have even quit because of her. Sally says it is her personal right to have her allergy accommodated in every single place she feels like eating! She posts pictures of herself all swollen and ill everywhere and blames the restaurant and the staff for her discomfort. 

Be like Sarah, not like Sally. 

Control your own consumption of content, don’t enter tags you don’t like, and don’t harass creators that make things you don’t like because you’ve decided you have to have the entire internet cater to your personal likes and comforts. 

Addition: this holds true even if your religion says strawberries are the devil’s fruit, even if your family members all died in fruity accidents (and that’s a sore spot for you), and even if you’re riding a self-righteous anti-fruit moral fever that’s more cultish and violent than sound and civil.


August 10 2017






August 09 2017


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Something we should all remember. 

Let’s broadcast this all over this website.


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August 08 2017


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